Monday, June 05, 2006


I am living in Paradise (San Luis Obispo). A warmer Paradise (than Morro Bay). Yesterday on the rear deck, getting a little sun (and Vitamin D), I took my thermometer with we and laid it on my lap. We were in the direct sunlight and I watched the fluid column climb to 118 deg F quickly, and then moved it into a little shade, where it settled down at 95 deg F.

This was pleasantly toasty compared to sitting on the deck in Morro Bay, but maybe this was the "outlier" of the data set.

Workers are still swarming inside our new quarters, as Kathleen keeps track of the priorities and the very limited dollars available. We spent a goodly chunk on rescuing the backyard landscaping and watering system. The design looks great, but we have some young and tender plants which may not survive this early summer (late spring) hot weather.

Today is Monday, and tomorrow night we go to our monthly book club, The Litwits (unitarian-universalist group). The book of the month is Skull Mantra, by Eliot Pattison. And I should be reading that book (200 pages yet to go) instead of writing this blog note. Where are cliff's notes when you need them?? Seriously, I abhore the whole idea of Cliff's notes. I would rather read the book directly without interpretation or summary, even if I don't make it to the end.

Skull Mantra is a devastating look at the Chinese occupation of Tibet, from the point of view of a former high level Chinese corruption investigator who has been punished with indefinite punishment in a Tibetan hard labor camp run by ruthless Chinese.

The details are gruesome and the fate of the Tibetan monks depressing, but it is an interesting story in the form of a traditional mystery novel.


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