Saturday, August 20, 2005



Don't miss the great New Republic book review by Jerry Coyne (U. Chicago Dept. of Ecology and Evolution biologist). Coyne reviews the book "Of Pandas and People", by Percival Davis and Dean H. Kenyon. Pandas and People is the book students in Dover School District (Penna) were directed to if they desired an introduction to the ideas of Intelligent Design.

The review by Coyne has the title: "The Faith That Dare Not Speak its Name: The case against intelligent design," and appears in the August 22 & 29 issue the The New Republic.

Some other good (and shorter!) book reviews related to attacks on the paradigm of Darwinian and neo-darwinian explanations can be found on Coyne's faculty web page in pdf form.


Another (earlier) great discussion of the oxymoron called Intelligent Design is by H. Allen Orr in the New Yorker magazine, titled "Master Planned: Why Intelligent Design Isn't".


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