Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, the big move has happened (actually we moved from Morro Bay on April 4th, when escrow closed on our house in both Morro Bay and our new home in San Luis Obispo).

The carpenters, plumbers, electricians, furnace experts, handymen, vertical lift installers, window salesmen and master gardeners have been in frequent attendance ever since.

Kathleen, my dear wife, has shown again the great value of a high level of organisation. She started lining up available workers long before our escrow date, and thought deeply about every feature of our new house, setting priorities for what needed to be done to make this house a home.

Thanks to her hard work and energy, things are starting to jell. The biggest project is a remodel of a large strange room in the front of the house which had no obvious use. (In the middle of the room was a large marble sink!) Kathleen decided to turn this useless space into a guest bedroom, guest mini-bathroom, laundry room and her new office. She worked with the San Luis Obispo City hall folks to understand what we would need to do to get official permitted signofffs on this remodel, and found a fantastic contractor, Craig, who is here right now as I type, finishing the roughout of the remodel.

The "other" part of the house, our bedroom, living room, and "great room" face south toward a great view of Islay Hill, and Righetti Hill in the foreground, the airport, Edna Valley and distant range of hills in the background. We found very little real estate that really attracted our attention here in San Luis Obispo. We initially made an offer on a nice home two doors down the street: the offer was contingent on the sale of our home in Morro Bay. When our Morro Bay home failed to sell in the defined time period, we lost our chance for that home.

However, that failed attempt had introduced us to the neighborhood, which we liked a lot. And we kept looking at this house two doors down, which was also for sale. A strange house with a great view. After looking at a lot of unattractive homes with large sale prices, we finally made an offer as soon as we accepted an offer to buy our Morro Bay home.

I will miss being four homes away from the beach in Morro Bay, with a gorgeous designer Japanese garden facing a public creek area in our backyard, complete with waterfalls, mini-creek, pond, large deck, wood bridges, great statuary, and pleasant pine trees in the public creek area: a real retreat from the cares of the world. I loved getting into my manual wheelchair and wheeling myself toward the beach at the West end of the street, and heading down Beachcomber Drive along the ocean overlook for exercise. (post-polio syndrome has made it unwise for me to use my legs for exercise)

But I am glad to now be esconced in a great area of San Luis Obispo ("San Luis" to the locals) in a home with a restful view of the Southern area of San Luis. I am now close to Barnes and Nobel bookstore, Border's Books and Music, California Polytechnic University, a good music store, a vibrant downtown, Home Depot and Cosco (no Wallmart yet), etc.

We're still looking for a great Chinese and also a great Mexican restaurant (I guess we were spoiled by living in Long Beach for so long).

My new study/office is smaller, so one third of my physics and math library is in the livingroom.My digital keyboard is in the Great Room.

The weather recently has been more overcast than sunny. Today is heavy overcast with possible thunderstorms, including lightning and small hail. We are thankful for the rain, since our contractor Craig needs to work on his "inside" jobs when it is raining, and we are getting our remodel down at top speed. I just heard some thunder. "Pray for Rain"


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