Thursday, August 04, 2005

Not Physics, Not Poetry, The Blind Leading the Blind

My Aunt Mary passed on a link to a website called New Dawn Magazine, containing an article called: The Out-of-Body Experience as Dimensional Translocation. New Dawn Magazine advertises itself as: A Journal of Alternative News and Information - For a New Consciousness, a New Humanity, a New Era!

The author, JIM DEKORNE, concludes after a very long trip:

"When we read the monotonously repetitive data on UFO abductions – how abductees are routinely transported through solid walls, beamed into spaceships, communicate telepathically with aliens, etc., we have to ponder what kinds of dimensional interfaces must be involved. Almost all serious researchers are now in substantial agreement that the UFO phenomenon is transdimensional in nature, though how higher-dimensional entities can “physically” introject themselves into three dimensional space remains maddeningly unresolved."

"...Everything we have examined so far suggests that these intruders from a fourth-spatial-dimension constitute the “angels, devils, fairies and elves” who’ve been interfacing with humankind since the dawn of time. The fact that they accommodate themselves to prevailing cultural illusions tells us immediately that (just like us), they are Ideas (spirits, points-of-view) evolving on some frequency within the Objective Psyche. They and we may even be co-creations – when fairies fade from credence in spacetime, the ideas they represent morph into space aliens to keep pace with current belief systems. Who creates whom?"

My Aunt Mary wanted my take on this stuff, so the following was my reply:

Hi Mary,

The physics of this speculation is not accurate.


author: Koan: Where do these photons (after their exhausting one-hundred million year journey through interstellar space) go upon entering your own personal black holes (eye-pupils)? The radiation from an entire galaxy registers on your brain, is interpreted by your mind, and then what? And then where? Surely those photons can’t just “wink out” after going to all that trouble to get here! Can they?

The radiation impinging on a telescope or eyeball from a distant object involves the conversion of the energy of the photon into the energy of chemical reactions which are used by the telescope detector or your eyeball to process the image. The photon is destroyed in the process, which happens all the time with no problem.

author: " Look at it another way: Imagine a point existing in some kind of pre-spatial “void” – the Tao, perhaps (whatever that is). Mathematically, a point has zero dimensions, but it exists anyway because consciousness defines it that way. A zero-dimensional point existing in “non-space” probably comes as close to “nothing” as we can imagine, but quantum cosmologists say that our universe was created out of just such a “singularity.” They also tell us that nothing can take place without an observer:

The "big bang" was a moment when matter and energy were in a highly compressed state (not infinite density) everywhere, not just at one "point".
The rest of this speculation is a good example of someone with not much academic training in physics making huge extrapolations based on a poor understanding of that physics.

Huge claims are worthless unless the proposer of the ideas shows how the ideas can be falsified by doing an experiment. If no experiment or observation can (in principle) prove the idea wrong, then it is not science but poetry.

In this case it is not poetry, it is the blind leading the blind.


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