Monday, January 03, 2005

Creationism Is Not Science Part 5


The following website presents an approach to confronting a Creationist:

Scientific Evidence For Evolution and against Creation 'Science'

I like to think of Creation 'Science' as 'Armchair science' because it seems people who believe it have more opinion than fact. They look at it more of a debate of what happened than the science of what happened. I picture them smoking a pipe and pontificating on how God created the [all]. No one is stupid for believing this misapplied science. Only if people study for years will they know creationism is junk science.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.
Bible, Acts 20:35

I always thought how one sided creationist preaching's are. Some stranger armed with pamphlets and skilled in the evolved art of persuading minds to "Believe", against the average person and his/her common sense. If common sense were all you needed to fend off bad ideas there would never have been a "Spanish Inquisition," There would never have been Jews burned in ovens...

I always thought why not teach evolution to the creationist. They have no shame in knocking on your door and telling you "God wants YOU!" So why not turn the tables? I mean "It is more blessed to give than to receive" right? I made up my mind that whenever someone came to me preaching the bible (Or any religion) I would teach evolution. "Nature needs YOU!"


My first Saturday relaxing in my new home when I heard the door bell ring. I got up to see if it was a new neighbor needing a cup of sugar or welcoming me on the block. "Hello" I said with a grin "Can I help you?" They replied "No but I can help you." I looked up and down noticing the business suit and tie. The only people I know of that knock on your door on a Saturday morning, and dress like that is Jehovah's Witnesses.

A short man who looked like he was over dressed for an interview at K-mart asked in a quiet voice "What party do you vote for?" What did this question have to do with religion? I thought... I knew this was a loaded question but I answered quickly. "I vote independent." The man replied "Good! Very good... What if I told you you could vote for someone that could change you and your familys' life for the better right now... would you vote for him?" Knowing the trap which was laid in front of me, I answered "SURE!" He then pulled a pamphlet from his jacket pocket and said "By voting to put God in your heart you can change your life and your familys' life forever!"

My grin became larger as I tried to hold back my laughter. I couldn't help but note this was a beautiful way to introduce the idea. My next response was meant to ensnare my victim in the same way but also to make him feel in command. "How do you know there is a God?" This question is common, almost as common as the answer he gave. "You see this house? It didn't evolve from dust right? It was made by it's designer from the ground up. You are more complex than a house aren't you? You don't think this house could be put together by chance do you? So why would you believe you were?"

Yep, That was response # 1. The complexity argument. It's one of the easiest ways to trap an armchair evolutionist and convert them to armchair scientist. Just learning you came from an ape doesn't explain the complexity of the human anatomy. It seems as though everything is perfectly placed. The armchair evolutionist usually has no good answer to this question but a little open mind can go a long way.

"Isn't a God more complex than a human? Where did your God come from?" I said. I was ready for reply #2 and he didn't disappoint. "God didn't have to be made, he was here all along. He is eternal and infinite." To which I said "So why can't I say that the laws of Natural Selection/Evolution have always been here? At least there is evidence of evolution, and there is no evidence for a God."

The response was that glassy eyed "Yeah right!" as he told me of the ridiculousness of coming from an ape. "You believe you came from an APE!?", as he laughed. I replied while I pointed to the women helper with him: "And you believe you came from a spare rib?" ("Genesis:2:22: And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.) "Think about it... That wouldn't even fly as a Star Trek movie." There are mountains of evidence which support the idea that humans evolved from primates, but no evidence that suggests a women was created from a rib. It is a FACT that over 99.4% of human and primate DNA is the same. [1]

The woman quickly walked off my porch and looked at me as if she was looking at the devil himself. She actually wouldn't go back on the porch after that.

After about an hour, going back and forth, telling them the pamphlets they had are lying about things like the 2nd law of thermodynamics and transitional fossils, they left.

This site is dedicated to providing the armchair evolutionist with information needed to demonstrate to themselves and to others evolution that Darwin's idea of evolution by natural selection is the overwhelmingly best idea around to explain the evidence available to us about human origins.



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