Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Rain and Wind in Morro Bay


Morro Bay has a very dry climate. We only get rain a few times a year. Today it is raining cats and dogs. This kind of rain brings back a lot of rainy images to my brain.

Riding the Greyhound bus back to Stony Brook School every Fall as a teenager.. green farms and grey skies and steady rain. A country so large it took four days and four nights non-stop (except for potty breaks of course, and brief flings at fast food) to get from the Imperial Valley desert of California to the bus station in NYC.

Pouring rain in Kansas, trapped in my small room with no escape.


Standing on the pier in Seal Beach, CA., in a rainstorm that shredded my umbrella, in awe at the power of the storm and wind.

I guess I should welcome the rain, with California in the n'th year of a drought, and with the underbrush dry as tinder and ready to explode in firestorms at the merest flick of a lighted cigarette.

I couldn't live in Seattle or Oregon with all the steady rain and growing molds.

The bright side of today's life is that even when trapped inside your room by rain, the world of ideas and physics is microseconds away via broadband internet. Except for the crash of the electrical power system, which just interrupted this post for 1.3 hours.


When the power has been on, I've been enjoying the vigorous discussions by Sean Carroll, LuboŇ° Motl, and Peter Woit about string theory, the anthropic principle, and the importance of "not giving up".

LuboŇ° Motl is in general tearing up the blog world with long interesting comments and strong points of view about a lot of current physics.

This is the kind of rapid and open exchange of ideas that may revolutionize the world of science.


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